Data on US-China scrap industry

In its complaints against Wealthy Max and other coin redeemers, the US government has claimed that it is not possible that the volume of coins redeemed by these companies could have come from China’s recycling industry and thus must be counterfeit. This demonstrates a profound ignorance as to the scope and scale of the recycling industry that China has established.

If we look only at imports of scrap aluminum from the United States, using data from the United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Statistics Division we can easily see the explosive growth of the recycling industry in China.   

Graph 1

WM_Shipment Data_visuals Graph 1 shows Chinese imports of aluminum scrap from the US in kilograms.


                                    Graph 2WM_Shipment Data_visuals1

Graph 2 shows the value of Chinese aluminum imports from the US in US dollars. 

 As the volume and value of Chinese scrap aluminum imports, and imports of other types of scrap, have increased, so has the volume and value of the coins recovered by Wealth Max’ suppliers in China. 

     Graph 3

WM_Shipment Data_visuals3Graph 3 shows the value of Wealthy Max’s shipments of clad US coins from China to the US.

Graph 4

WM clad ships_kg

Graph 4 shows the volume of Wealthy Max’s shipments of clad US coins from China to the US and the severe impact of the US Attorney’s CAFRA action against the company.