WM business model graphics

The Wealthy Max coin reclamation and redemption business is really a niche in the much larger international recycling industry in which the U.S. is a major source of supply and China the largest consumer of recyclable waste.  The graphics below outline in very simple terms the supply chain in which Wealth Max participates.

WM Business Model Graphic 1a

1. U.S. Coins are discarded in various types of scrap and waste products

2. U.S. recycling companies process some scrap for sale overseas. This scrap contains U.S. coins

3. A large portion of this scrap is packed in containers and shipped to China where it is sorted and recycled into new products.

4. Chinese recycling companies receive the U.S. scrap, including the coins



WM Business Model Graphic 2a

1. Recycling companies in China ship US coins to Wealth Max

2. Wealthy Max inspects sorts, packs and ships the coins to smelters in the US

3. Smelters melt the coins and ship the metal to the U.S. Mint to make new coins

4. The Mint weighs the metal and pays Wealthy Max