Wealthy Max Unsealing of 13 Tons of Coins

On February 23, 2016 Wealthy Max Limited held the public unsealing and audit of 13 tons of damaged U.S. coins destined to be shipped to the U.S. Mint until the civil forfeiture caused a halt to operations. The unsealing was overseen by former U.S. FBI agents who are members of the FormerFedsGroup.com, to demonstrate Wealthy Max does not traffic in counterfeit U.S. coins.

The event was held at a warehouse in Yuen Long, which is in Hong Kong’s New Territories.  Invitations to the unsealing were extended to members of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology as well as senior officials from the Departments of Treasury, Justice and Homeland Security.  Members of the media were also invited to the event.  While the U.S. government representatives did not attend, there was strong media interest in the unsealing with numerous pieces of coverage of the event appearing in Hong Kong media the next day.

HK Press Briefing 1







A video of the unsealing can be viewed here.

Wealthy Max publicly unseals 13 metric tons of mutilated coins

In addition to the unsealing the FormerFedsGroup.com took a sample of 10kg of randomly selected coins and separated the quarters from dimes and half dollars.  The sample yielded a total of 1,008 quarters, of these, the year of minting could be determined on 952.  These quarters were then sorted by year to determine if there were any suspicious patterns that would indicate the coins were not genuine.  The findings of this analysis were that every year but 1975 and 2010 were represented in the sample, and no 1975 quarters were made.  Further, there quarters representing 54 U.S. states and territories in the sample.

Quarters from 10Kg sample

Number of US State and Territory Coins Retrieved from the 10kg Sample

State No. of Coins State No. of Coins State No. of Coins
Alabama 5 Louisiana 5 Oklahoma 6
Alaska 4 Maine 3 Oregon 7
Arkansas 2 Maryland 13 Pennsylvania 9
American Samoa 1 Massachusetts 10 Puerto Rico 2
Arizona 5 Michigan 4 Rhode Island 5


6 Minnesota 5 South Carolina 17


9 Mississippi 6 South Dakota 4
Connecticut 13 Missouri 6 Tennessee 4
Delaware 3 Montana 3 Texas 4
Florida 2 Nevada 8 U.S. Virgin Islands 1
Georgia 7 New Hampshire 13 Utah 8
Hawaii 9 New Jersey 6 Vermont 9
Idaho 8 New Mexico 2 Virginia 25
Illinois 2 New York 32 Washington 7
Indiana 7 North Carolina 9 West Virginia 6
Iowa 4 North Dakota 7 Wisconsin 7
Kansas 2 Northern Mariana Islands 1 Wyoming 6
Kentucky 3 Ohio 6

It seems unlikely that a counterfeiter would go to the trouble of making that many dies, just to produce quarters for redemption in the Mint’s Mutilated Coin Redemption Program.